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We are proud to announce our iPad App.

iPad App

Now you can carry with you and enjoy all our portfolio straight from our iPad App whenever and wherever you are.

In addition to that, with our App you will be able to check on the World Map the countries and cities where Lucas Martin Rossi has been photographing his portfolio since the year 2000.

In this page you can download our iPad App and read all the relevant information about it.

If you have any doubts regarding our App or need assistance please refer further below to the section “Help & FAQ”


Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer App

for iPad



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App Information

  • Price: FREE
  • App Version: 1.0
  • Size: 243.1 MB
  • Device Compatibility: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 (and any older model)
  • iOS Compatibility: iOS 9.x, iOS 8.x, iOS 7.x, iOS 6.x, iOS 5.x & iOS 4.x
  • Languages: English
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Help & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do i install your App?
I installed your App but I cannot find it on my iPad
Why do you call your App 'Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer App' but on my iPad it is named as 'LMR | Photo'?
Do i need an internet connection to use your App?
Which iPad are compatible with your App?
Can I install it and use it on iPhone, iPod Touch and my Android smartphone/tablet?
Will you make an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android version of your App?
My iPad is not Jailbroken. How do i Jailbrake it?
Can i find and install your App straight from my iPad on the Apple AppStore?


  • Announcement & Release of the version 1.0 of our Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer iPad App.

Known Bugs

  • After installing the App, the very first time a photo gallery section is pressed it may take a second to open the page with the corresponding photo gallery.

STATUS: Open. (Our development team is working to identify the source of this bug)

You can book Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer services by filling out the Contact Us form on this website.

Feel free to contact us for any special request, enquiries, feedback or if you need support regarding our iPhone and iPod Touch App.


Lucas Martin Rossi is an Italian/Argentinian professional photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he attended and graduated from his professional photography bachelor studies. He is currently based in the italian city of Florence, Tuscany (Firenze, Toscana Italia) offering professional photographic services in Italy, the American continent and the European continent in general.

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