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Welcome to the Download Page of the Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer iPhone and iPod Touch App


We are proud to announce our iPhone and iPod Touch App.

Now you can carry with you and enjoy all our portfolio straight from our iPhone and iPod Touch App whenever and wherever you are.

In addition to that, with our App you will be able to check on the World Map the countries and cities where Lucas Martin Rossi has been photographing his portfolio since the year 2000, see our location on the map and much more.

In this page you can download our iPhone and iPod Touch App and read all the relevant information about it.

If you have any doubts regarding our App or need assistance please refer further below to the section “Help & FAQ”

Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer App

for iPhone & iPod Touch

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App Information

  • Price: FREE
  • App Version: 1.0
  • Size: 86,3 MB (approx.)
  • Device Compatibility: iPhone 5 (and any older model), iPod Touch 5 (and any older model)
  • iOS Compatibility: iOS 7.x, iOS 6.x & iOS 5.x. (iOS 4.x has not been tested)
  • Languages: English
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Help & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • How do I install your App?

After you download our iPhone and iPod Touch App you will have a file named “Lucas Martin Rossi – Photographer for iPhone.ipa“. To install it on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will need to do it with a desktop application such as iFunBox, which is free and have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch (if you don’t have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch, read the question nº 8 “My iPhone or Ipod Touch is not Jailbroken. How do i Jailbrake mine?”)


  • I installed your App but I cannot find it on my iPhone/iPod Touch

If installed correctly, you can find our App with the name LMR | Photo and the following icon:

  • Why do you call your App ‘Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer App’ but on my iPhone/iPod Touch it is named as ‘LMR | Photo’?

Due to Apple’s iOS technical limitation on the length of the App names; we had to create a name for our iPhone and iPod Touch App that did not exceed the number of characters compatible with iOS and at the same time that the name of our App remained logical with our brand. That being said, “LMR | Photo” stands for “Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer”

  • Do i need an internet connection to use your App?

Although our iPhone and iPod Touch App does not require an internet connection to work, some sections in the App do require an internet connection to be displayed correctly. In any case, if you open a section that requires internet (and you are not connected) the App by itself will tell you that an internet connection is needed to display the section.

  • Which iPhone and iPod Touch are compatible with your App?

The version 1.0 of our iPhone and iPod Touch App is compatible with every generation of iPhone and iPod Touch and any iOS version. We have personally tested 100% compatibility with iOS 7 to 7.0.4, iOS 6 to 6.1.5, iOS 6.1.3 but our App development team estimates that our App should also be compatible with older iOSs and devices.


  • Can I install it and use it on my iPad or my Android smartphone/tablet?

Our iPhone and iPod Touch App (current version 1.0) will not run on iPad or Android devices as is not compatible with iPad or Android smartphones/tablets.

  • Will you make an iPad or Android version of your App?

We hope we can develop in the near future an app compatible with iPad and/or Android devices.


DISCLAIMER: The information we provided about jailbreaking an iPhone or iPod Touch is provided as a complimentary aid for our users/customers. We are not Apple technicians or jailbreak specialists and we do not have any relation or connection with i-funbox.com, evasi0n.com or iClarified.com nor the links provided and we cannot take responsibility for its contents and/or possible resulting damage due to following their tutorials, using their applications and tools or jailbreaking your device. We recommend that if you are unsure of jailbreaking your device or how to safely do it by yourself to request help from an expert technician.

  • Can i find and install your App straight from my iPhone on the Apple AppStore?

As of version 1.0 our iPhone and iPod Touch App is still not available via Apple’s App Store, we hope we can deliver such service in the near future but it is not our main priority at the moment.



  • Announcement & Release of the version 1.0 of our Lucas Martin Rossi | Professional Photographer iPhone and iPod Touch App.

Known Bugs

  • After installing the App, the very first time a photo gallery section is pressed it may take 2 to 4 seconds to open the page with the corresponding photo gallery.

STATUS: Open. (Our development team is working to identify the source of this bug)

Feel free to contact us for any special request, enquiries, feedback or if you need support regarding our iPhone and iPod Touch App.